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Savvy fitness club operators and personal trainers see the benefits of having
an accurate body composition analyzer in their facility. InBody helps to take your club or studio to the next level! 
With InBody, fitness professionals can validate their services, improve client loyalty and boost revenue and retention  
by offering InBody tests in their facilities.

With InBody,

you give your fitness club a competitive edge

Service Validation

Accurately measure and track client progress and show them how they can reach health and fitness goals.

Customer Retention

Inspire your members to focus on changes that really matter based on their InBody test results.

Additional Revenue

Charge members to take an InBody test or leverage the InBody to turn potential members into new members.

In less than 60 seconds, the InBody test provides easy-to-understand, accurate and objective measurements to evaluate health risks, monitor fitness progress and achieve fitness goals.

With InBody analyzers, fitness professionals are able to record their client’s  journey and their transformations. From the moment of intake to a fully motivated gym member, InBody devices help fitness professionals increase motivation, track the results, and improve people’s health, fitness, and sports performance. 



muscle-fat balance
fluid imbalances
visceral fat

InBody's Assessments

Key Measurements

Muscle Fat Analysis

Monitor muscle and fat mass to assess potential complications related to things such as cachexia and sarcopenia. 

Segmental Lean Analysis

Identify fluid imbalances in each segment of the body. In rehabilitation identify and monitor areas receiving treatment.

ECW/TBW Analysis

Assess potential fluid accumulation to assist the healthcare professional between dialysis sessions.

Visceral Fat

Identify potential increased risks associated with various conditions.

Phase Angle

Cellular indicator of cell integrity.

Body Composition History

Enables a healthcare professional track and quantify fluid retention, the progress of conditions of patients' treatment.

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Recommended Models

For the Fitness Field

Advanced Analysis

InBody 570

Body Composition Analyzer

Selected for gyms and sports clinics
Test results in 45 seconds

Portable Analysis

InBody 270

Body Composition Analyzer

Selected for fitness professionals on the go
Test results in 15 seconds

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