Compare InBody Analyzers

This is a guide to help compare the body composition analyzers in InBody professional line.
It will help you make the right choice while choosing our product.

Basic Outputs

InBody Analyzers270380570580770970BWA
Dry Lean Mass
Lean Body Mass
Skeletal Muscle Mass
Skeletal Muscle Index
Body Fat Mass
BMI (Body Mass Index)
PBF (Percent Body Fat)
BMR (Basal Metabolic Rate)
Body Fat LBM-Control
Intracellular Watercheck
Extracellular Watercheck
ECW/TBM Ratiocheck
Visceral Fat Levelcheck
Visceral Fat Areacheckcheck
InBody Score

Segmental Outputs

InBody Analyzers270380570580770970BWA
Segmental Lean Analysischeckcheckcheckcheckcheckcheckcheck
Segmental Impedance at each Frequencycheckcheckcheckcheckcheckcheckcheck
Segmental Fat Analysischeckcheckcheckcheckcheckcheckcheck
Segmental ECW/TBW Analysischeckcheckcheckcheckcheckcheckcheck
Segmental Body Water Analysischeckcheckcheckcheckcheckcheckcheck
Segmental ICW Analysischeckcheckcheckcheckcheckcheckcheck
Segmental ECW Analysischeckcheckcheckcheckcheckcheckcheck

History Outputs

InBody Analyzers270380570580770970BWA
Weight Historycheckcheckcheckcheckcheckcheckcheck
Skeletal Muscle Mass Historycheckcheckcheckcheckcheckcheckcheck
Percent Body Fat Historycheckcheckcheckcheckcheckcheckcheck
ECW/TBW Historycheckcheckcheckcheckcheckcheckcheck
Total Body Water Historycheckcheckcheckcheckcheckcheckcheck
Intracellular Water Historycheckcheckcheckcheckcheckcheckcheck
Extracellular Water Historycheckcheckcheckcheckcheckcheckcheck

Research-Related Outputs

InBody Analyzers380580770970BWA
Leg Lean Masscheckcheckcheckcheckcheck
TBW/FFM (TBW/LBM)checkcheckcheckcheckcheck
Whole Body Phase Anglecheckcheckcheckcheckcheck
Arm Circumferencecheckcheckcheckcheckcheck
ICW/FFM (*ICW/LBM)checkcheckcheckcheckcheck
Body Cell Masscheckcheckcheckcheckcheck
Body Balance Evaluationcheckcheckcheckcheckcheck
Waist Circumferencecheckcheckcheckcheckcheck
Bone Mineral Contentcheckcheckcheckcheckcheck
Fat-Free Mass Indexcheckcheckcheckcheckcheck
Fat Mass Indexcheckcheckcheckcheckcheck
Skeletal Muscle Mass Indexcheckcheckcheckcheckcheck
Recommended Calorie Intake per Daycheckcheckcheckcheckcheck
Calorie Expenditure of Exercisecheckcheckcheckcheckcheck
Skeletal Muscle Mass/Weightcheckcheckcheckcheckcheck
Extracellular Mass/Body Cell Masscheckcheckcheckcheckcheck
Total Body Water/Weightcheckcheckcheckcheckcheck
Nutrition Evaluationcheckcheckcheckcheckcheck
BIVA Graphcheckcheckcheckcheckcheck


InBody Analyzers270380570580770970BWA
Result Sheetscheckcheckcheckcheckcheckcheckcheck
InBody USB Thumb Drivecheckcheckcheckcheckcheckcheckcheck
Marketing Materialscheckcheckcheckcheckcheckcheckcheck
InBody Tissuecheckcheckcheckcheckcheckcheckcheck
Carrying Casecheckcheckcheckcheckcheckcheckcheck
Laser Printercheckcheckcheckcheckcheckcheckcheck
Thermal Printercheckcheckcheckcheckcheckcheckcheck
External Batterycheckcheckcheckcheckcheckcheckcheck

Product Specifications

InBody Analyzers270380580570770970BWA
Frequencies20, 100 KHz5, 50, 500 kHz5, 50, 250, 500 kHz5, 50, 500 KHz1,5,50,250,500,100 KHz1, 5, 50, 250, 500 1000, 2000, 3000 kHz1, 5, 50, 250, 500 kHz 1, 2, 3 KHz
Test Duration15 Seconds30 Seconds30 Seconds45 Seconds60 Seconds70 Seconds70-140 Seconds
Weight Range22-551 lbs11-661.4 lbs11-661.4 lbs22-551 lbs22-595 lbs11-661.4 lbs22-551 lbs
Age Range3+ years
Height Range3 ft 1.4 in - 7ft 2.6 in
Database100.000 entries (if member ID is utilized)
Dimensions14.0" x 31.3" x 39.1"16.4"x 34.3" x 42.1"19.8"x 35.1" x 44.3"20.6" x 35.2" x 43.8"20.7" x 33.3" x 46.3"24.2"x 37.9" x 48.8"Main Unit: 12.7 x 11.1 x 3.2
With Cart: 19.8 x 22.2 x 49.6
Device Weight30.9 ibs35.3 lbs53.8 lbs52.9 ibs83.8 ibs101.4 lbs52.9 lbs
Width Between Foot Electrodes6.6 in7.0 in9.0 in8.6 in9.2 in9.5 inn/a
Warranty1 Year Manufacturer's Warranty
Compatible PrintersLaser/Inkjet Laser/Inkjet (for printers recommended by InBody, see Support page)


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