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Dietitians, Naturopaths, weight loss specialists and corporate wellness programs all use InBody devices as a powerful tool to manage and track client progress and motivate and retain employees.


Change Starts from Within
Use body composition analysis to create unique and tailored nutritional plans for each client. With InBody, you can help your clients properly refuel, recover, and rebuild their bodies at their optimal levels.

Weight Management

Going beyond the Scale
Use body composition analysis to fine-tune diet and exercise plans for your clients to reach their health goals. Through InBody, you can focus on your clients’ fat loss and not just weight loss.

Workplace Wellness

Because Wellness Works
Help your wellness program work for your employees by offering state-of-the-art body composition analysis. A healthy lifestyle benefits both employees and employers. With InBody, wellness becomes more than just weight loss – it becomes a lifestyle. Empower your organization by empowering your employees with InBody data.

Employee Retention

Your employees will stay with your company longer because of the health perks and engagement level.

Health Claims Prevention

You reduce health claims and sick days and improve employees' performance.

Healthy VOI

You build your Value on Investment by engaging your employees.

InBody's Key Patient Assessments

Key Measurements

Muscle Fat Analysis

Monitor muscle and fat mass to assess potential complications related to things such as cachexia and sarcopenia. 

Segmental Lean Analysis

Identify fluid imbalances in each segment of the body. In rehabilitation identify and monitor areas receiving treatment.

ECW/TBW Analysis

Assess potential fluid accumulation to assist the healthcare professional between dialysis sessions.

Visceral Fat

Identify potential increased risks associated with various conditions.

Phase Angle

Cellular indicator of cell integrity.

Body Composition History

Enables a healthcare professional track and quantify fluid retention, the progress of conditions of patients' treatment.

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Advanced Analysis

InBody 570

Body Composition Analyzer

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and corporations
Test results in 45 seconds

Portable Analysis

InBody 270

Body Composition Analyzer

Selected for smaller offices
and organizations
Test results in 15 seconds

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