Blood Pressure Monitoring

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Automatic Blood Pressure Monitor Kiosk for Blood Pressure Monitoring

The BPBIO 750 is an automatic, accurate, and user-friendly blood pressure monitor kiosk for blood pressure monitoring. Voice-guidance and a patented self-adjusting elbow sensor and cuff provide the ideal position for accurate results. With the touch of a button, examinees can self-test using either arm.

Precise readings help you identify potential health risks and create effective treatment plans.

Key Specifications

Test duration: 30 seconds (average); 20-50 seconds depending on pulse and blood pressure value

Method: oscillometric

Measurements: systolic blood pressure, diastolic blood pressure, mean arterial pressure, pulse pressure, pulse, rate pressure product

Product Video

blood pressure monitoring with BPBIO-750
Play Video about BPBIO 750 Measurement_front 3

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