Clinically Validated Automatic Blood Pressure Monitor for Home Use

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With optional Bluetooth function and InBody App, easily manage your blood pressure on your mobile

The BP170(B) is an automatic, accurate, and user-friendly blood pressure monitor. 

InBody’s BP170(B) allows easy and accurate measurement, even at home. Now manage the blood pressure accurately and conveniently with the patented One-touch Cuff that is easily wearable by yourself. Provides accurate measurement by applying One-touch. Offers superior visibility with the large display screen. Manages family members’ blood pressure with storage function for 2 users (100 times per user). 

Key Specifications

Method: oscillometric

Measurements: systolic blood pressure, diastolic blood pressure, pulse

$198.00 – $239.00

2 models: BP170 and BP170(B)

Product Videos

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Premium Home Use Blood Pressure Monitor BP170(B)
video cover 2 BP170 blood pressure monitor
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How to Measure Blood Pressure with BP170(B)

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