InBody BAND2

Fitness Tracker/Body Composition Tester

Recommended for:

consumer use, use at home, non-commercial use

Fitness Tracker Bracelet with Body Composition, Heart Rate, Workout, and Sleep Monitor

More than just a fitness tracker, the BAND2 utilizes an InBody Test to show you how your body is changing from the inside out. Measure your body fat, muscle mass, and body fat percentage anywhere, anytime. 

Key Features

InBody Test: Measure your body fat and muscle mass anywhere, anytime.

Notifications: Get notifications of any incoming calls and texts. Set a silent alarm to wake up peacefully.

Sleep: With the InBody App you can automatically monitor how long and how well you slept.

Heart Rate: Make the most out of your workout. Check the intensity of your workout using ECG tech.

Activity Tracker: Measure your movements to calculate steps, distance, active time, and calories burned.

EZTraining Mode: Automatically track reps, calories burned and duration of your workouts.

$ 189.00

Available in 4 colors

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