Pollock Clinics Helps Men Live Healthier Lives

Pollock Clinics Helps Men Live Healthier Lives

British Columbia’s first InBody 970 Body Composition Analyzer at New Westminster men’s health clinic

Pollock Clinics is a world-renowned circumcision and vasectomy clinic. Over the last 25 years, the clinic noticed gaps in the healthcare system for treating men’s health. In response, Pollock Clinics’ team of physicians developed innovative treatment protocols to bridge those gaps, resulting in the introduction of their Testosterone Replacement Therapy (TRT) program.

“Men’s health concerns often go unaddressed, and many men suffer in silence,” says Dr. Aaron Goldstein, one of the clinical leads at Pollock Clinics in New Westminster and Vancouver, BC.

“Evidence suggests we should screen for and treat testosterone deficiency more aggressively than we have in the past,” says Dr. Goldstein. “A man’s testosterone starts dropping in their mid-twenties, and 25% of men over the age of 40 have clinically low testosterone. That number increases up to 50% for men over 70.”

Low testosterone can lead to weight gain, hair loss, delayed ejaculation, inability to orgasm, low libido, muscle wasting, risk of osteoporosis, and cognitive symptoms. Patients at Pollock Clinics see significant health improvements after starting Testosterone Replacement Therapy.

Dr. Goldstein explains the team utilizes the InBody 970 Body Composition Analyzer “to ensure we are using clinically advanced tools to track our clients’ progress as they go through testosterone optimization.” The InBody 970 is the first of its kind in British Columbia, and is an essential tool in health and wellness management trusted by medical and fitness professionals. In less than 70 seconds, the InBody test provides easy-to-understand, accurate and objective measurements to evaluate health risks, monitor progress and help clients achieve their goals.

“Many of our patients are concerned about their weight and lean body mass. The InBody is much more advanced than using a BMI calculation. When setting goals with our clients, we aren’t just looking at the symptoms, we are addressing the whole body. This comprehensive tool guides our treatment approach to reduce body fat and improve muscle mass. We can monitor our patients’ extracellular water, evaluate how their strength training program is working, and guide them with nutrition. We encourage them to lose body fat, not just weight. The preservation of lean muscle mass is important.”

The InBody 970 provides accurate, precise measurements for each segment of the body and is equipped with state-of-the-art 3MHz technology. It features a comfortable ergonomic design and is easy to use. The 3MHz frequency penetrates human cell membranes more effectively compared to lower frequencies, enabling a more accurate differentiation of intracellular vs. extracellular water values. The in-depth analysis of abdominal regions, including subcutaneous and visceral fat mass provides a better understanding of an individual’s risk and progress.

Not only are the physicians at Pollock Clinics excited about the InBody 970, but the patients love it too, says Dr. Goldstein. “They are excited to drill down and see what is going on inside their body. The InBody allows us to do this. When they see the numbers shifting in favour of a leaner body, it becomes an external motivator, too.”

Patients at Pollock Clinics are discovering they do not have to live with the effects of low testosterone. They can optimize their health and their quality of life. “We can see the potential for the InBody 970 across a number of our men’s health programs. This is only the beginning,” says Dr. Goldstein.

In addition to TRT, no-scalpel no-needle vasectomy and circumcision for all ages, Pollock Clinics also offers treatments for erectile dysfunction, Peyronie’s Disease, ejaculatory difficulties, hair restoration, and penile augmentation.

About Pollock Clinics

Pollock Clinics offers no-scalpel, no-needle vasectomy and circumcision for all ages under local anesthesia with skin glue closure. They offer treatments for erectile dysfunction, Peyronie’s Disease, ejaculatory difficulties, testosterone optimization, and aesthetic procedures including penile augmentation and hair restoration.

Take control of your health and experience a better quality of life by visiting www.pollockclinics.com or calling (604) 717-6200.

Curious about your testosterone level? Take Pollock Clinics’ testosterone quiz to find out if you’re eligible for treatment.

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InBody is a worldwide leader in body composition technology. For more information about InBody products in Canada, visit www.inbodycanada.ca or call (613) 704-4286.

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