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muscle-fat balance
fluid imbalances
visceral fat
segmental lean analysis

In less than 60 seconds, the InBody test provides easy-to-understand, accurate and objective measurements to evaluate health risks and monitor progress. Medical professionals can use the InBody to:

  • Assess muscle-fat balance and visceral fat for comprehensive health risk assessments
  • Identify fluid imbalances related to inflammation or an underlying disease
  • Monitor changes to determine the efficacy of treatments and further guide health recommendations to ensure long-term success

InBody's Key Patient Assessments

Key Measurements

Muscle Fat Analysis

Monitor muscle and fat mass to assess potential complications related to things such as cachexia and sarcopenia. 

Segmental Lean Analysis

Identify fluid imbalances in each segment of the body. In rehabilitation identify and monitor areas receiving treatment.

ECW/TBW Analysis

Assess potential fluid accumulation to assist the healthcare professional between dialysis sessions.

Visceral Fat

Identify potential increased risks associated with various conditions.

Phase Angle

Cellular indicator of cell integrity.

Body Composition History

Enables a healthcare professional track and quantify fluid retention, the progress of conditions of patients' treatment.

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Recommended Models

the Medical Field

Medical Grade

InBody 770 - 45side (high res)

InBody 770

Body Composition Analyzer

Best for medical, research and hospitals
Test results in 60 seconds

Comprehensive Analysis

InBody 970-3

InBody 970

Body Composition Analyzer
with Yscope

Best for medical, research and hospitals
Test results in 70 seconds

A New Standard


BWA 2.0

Body Water Analyzer

Best for medical, research, hospitals
Test results in 70-140 seconds

Areas of Medical Application

Weight Management


Sports Medicine

family in red

General Health

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