BMI is Imperfect: Assessing Health Risks with BIA Body Composition Analysis

BMI is Imperfect: Assessing Health Risks with BIA Body Composition Analysis


Karla Swanek
Business Development Manager


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Body Mass Index (BMI) measures body fat and compares current weight to current height. While BMI does provide some general insights into the relationship between height and weight, BMI doesn’t tell us much about body fat percentage at all. 

BMI can’t measure how our total weight comprises a percentage of fat versus muscle, which are vital indicators of overall health and fitness. Furthermore, BMI doesn’t tell us where fat tends to accumulate, which is another critical measurement health and fitness practitioners need to understand when assessing body composition and the corresponding potential health risks.

A person with an average BMI can still have a higher body fat percentage than is optimal for their health — a fact masked by this measurement’s simplicity. Conversely, some people with a high percentage of muscle, such as athletes, may technically be considered overweight or obese by BMI standards.

Throughout this webinar, we’ll break down the limitations of BMI and how it can be misleading. Plus, we’ll explore the comprehensive metrics that BIA body composition analysis provides and how this can help us better understand overall health.

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