Optimizing Diabetes Management: Unraveling the Roles of Fat, Muscle, and Water

Optimizing Diabetes Management: Unraveling the Roles of Fat, Muscle, and Water


Karla Swanek
Business Development Manager


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Don’t sugar coat it: 30% of Canadians live with diabetes or prediabetes, according to Diabetes Canada.

Incorporating body composition analysis into treatment plans can significantly enhance diabetes management and overall patient outcomes.

By understanding and addressing factors such as excess body fat, muscle mass, and hydration status, healthcare professionals can personalize interventions to improve insulin sensitivity, glucose control, and overall health. 

Throughout this webinar, we will explore the application of InBody technology and how tracking your patient’s body composition can be an effective tool for diabetes programs. 

In less than 60 seconds, an InBody Test provides a comprehensive Result Sheet to help professionals:

  • Obtain objective measurements of muscle, fat, and visceral fat to assess disease risk and obesity.
  • Monitor outcomes of interventions aimed to improve glycemic control and prevent worsening of complications related to diabetes.
  • Detect fluid imbalances resulting from inflammation.

Measuring and tracking body composition can help you and your clients better manage their diabetes, ultimately leading to a reduction in symptoms and potential reversal of this chronic disease.

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