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InBodyCanada Customer Spotlight: Verix Athletics

Tyler Whitrow is the owner of Verix Athletics, a 4,000sq ft private training facility in Medicine Hat, Alberta. They offer private training, small group classes, nutrition, and online coaching.

Verix Athletics has had an InBody 570 Body Composition Analyzer in their facility since June 2022. Every one of their new clients starts with an assessment which includes a movement screen, strength/conditioning assessments, and an InBody scan. After three months, they follow up with a new InBody scan and measure their progress!

“We’ve had clients get frustrated because the number on the scale hasn’t moved despite them saying their clothes feel looser, so it helps as a retention tool as well!”

Verix Athletics’ goal is to be an outcome-based facility which drove their decision to invest in an InBody device. The objective data points from the InBody Results Sheet have been beneficial when curating their fitness and nutrition programs for clients.

“Our members love our InBody; it shows them measurements that a regular scale can’t offer, and it provides our clients with more information which helps them see past the numbers on their bathroom scale.”


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