InBodyCanada Customer Spotlight: Studio 79

Yulia Skrip owns and manages Studio79, a wellness studio located in Downtown Toronto. Studio79 offers various wellness technology services paired with holistic modalities to help clients reach their health and wellness goals.

Studio79 has had its InBody 570 Body Composition Analyzer since March 2018. With every package they offer, they provide an InBody test before and after their service to see the client’s progress. Yulia sought a precise weight analyzer to help clients understand their bodies and see the tangible result of buying their fitness sessions. The data they can pull from the InBody result sheets enables clients to see beyond the numbers on a regular scale.

“Most clients continue to regularly track their results. They love that they can see their progress, which helps motivate them towards their health goals.”

Studio 79’s services include InBody Body Composition Analysis, XBody Electric Muscle Stimulation (EMS) Training, Infrared Sauna, Hyrdo Steam Pods, Pressotherapy, and facial and body services. Their popular “Welcome Package” includes four wellness technologies, InBody Body Composition Analysis, XBody EMS, Pressotherapy and their choice of Pod (Infrared or Hydro).

“By bringing the InBody device into our wellness studio, we can now provide our clients with a more comprehensive and insightful experience,” says Yulia. “They can better understand their bodies, visualize progress, and feel confident they are on the right pathway.”

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