Customer highlight: naked nutrition

InBodyCanada Customer Spotlight: Naked Nutrition

Dallas Skopeleanos is a certified nutritional practitioner located in Ajax, Ontario. She provides various services dedicated to women’s health and wellness. Dallas helps women improve their health and relationship with food and create a balanced lifestyle by finding what works best to meet their needs!

Dallas has had an InBody 270 Body Composition Analyzer since November 2021. She uses the InBody primarily for her fitness program HER FIT CAMP, which offers strength and conditioning classes for women aged 26-40. Additionally, Dallas’ husband uses the InBody for his business, Pure Strength Academy, specializing in training elite hockey players aged 15-22.

They wanted to offer their clients objective data to assist with tracking progress, building nutrition & strength training programs, and holding clients accountable throughout their journey. HER FIT CAMP conducts an InBody scan at the beginning of the program to establish a baseline assessment, and they rescan at the end to track their progress. Pure Strength Academy scans their athletes every 2-3 weeks to monitor changes on an ongoing basis.

“Our clients really enjoy the data from the InBody result sheet. They now understand that weighing on an at-home scale doesn’t give them the whole picture; many say it’s a good wake-up call!”


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