Customer spotlight: mark Robson

InBodyCanada Customer Spotlight: Mark Robson

Mark Robson is the owner of Me First Fitness, a 4,000 sq ft personal training and group fitness studio in Ajax, Ontario. They offer small group training, 1-on-1 personal training and fitness bootcamp classes to their 250 members.

Me First Fitness has operated their InBody 270 Body Composition Analyzer since 2015. They provide InBody scans with their personal training clients, and also run weight loss challenges throughout the year, incorporating the comprehensive body composition assessments to track progress.

“We used to have another name brand scale, but we got bored and tired of it. InBody devices show muscle analysis and water weight and provide a printed-out result sheet; this really appealed to me as it’s great to have something to hand to our clients for their records. Their customer service was great, too.”

The InBody result sheet enables the team to measure and track client progress and keep clients motivated to meet their goals!

“We wouldn’t have had as much success with our weight loss challenges without our InBody 270,” says Mark.

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