InBody Pumps Up Blood Pressure Line with Addition of BPBIO 220 and BPBIO 250

InBody Pumps Up Blood Pressure Line with Addition of BPBIO 220 and BPBIO 250

(Photo: Left side: BPBIO 220 / Right side: BPBIO 250)

InBody keeps cardiac health close to the heart of its goal to simplify health and wellness data. With the BPBIO 220 and BPBIO 250, InBody hopes to bring increased accuracy and precision to blood pressure readings taken at medical facilities.

InBody is pleased to announce the release of two new professional-grade blood pressure monitors, the BPBIO 220 and the BPBIO 250.

With its finger consistently on the pulse, InBody is now giving medical professionals the opportunity to add these advanced devices to their practice to accurately assess patient risks for chronic conditions.

The BPBIO 220 and BPBIO 250 are part of a new generation of blood pressure devices that meet updated mercury-free standards for use within the medical field. While the use of mercury in blood pressure monitors has been an industry gold standard for years, a number of independent research studies have raised concerns regarding the safety of mercury, its use in the workplace, and human error that could be associated with manually measuring this data.

To alleviate these concerns, the BPBIO 220 was designed to help the clinician accurately measure individual blood pressure manually using the auscultatory method. With our patented controller, it helps eliminate errors by allowing clinicians to conveniently mark blood pressure and control exhaust speed using one hand.

Its automatic counterpart, the BPBIO 250, uses the oscillometric method to quantify patient health and is equipped with a patented one-touch cuff to improve user comfort and five different test modes, including auscultatory mode, which allow clinicians to optimize measurements according to test environment and individual patient condition. In addition, the BPBIO 250 also comes with additional accessories, such as a rechargeable lithium ion battery, cuff rack and curl cable for easy storage, and Bluetooth capabilities.

“This new blood pressure technology will help us ensure accurate measurements are consistently recorded regardless of external factors, such as environment or patient condition,” says Harry Yun, CEO of InBody (USA). “We’re excited to offer medical professionals devices that provide personalized data on patient heart health, which can be used to create and sustain healthy lifestyle changes.”

To learn more about InBody’s advanced line of blood pressure monitors and discover which model is right for your facility, visit the InBodyCanada website.

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